Is your Health and Safety system a paper-pushing nightmare?

By: Caroline Kingston | Jul 12,2016 05:41

Since the ancient Egyptians first started using papyrus over 4,000 years ago, paper has played a humble (but critical) support role in capturing, recording and sharing human achievements. Where would great literature be without the power and might of paper? It touches our lives in so many ways every day. But our lives and the world are changing at a rapid pace. Paper processing creates environmental nasties, it takes a great deal of resources to distribute it and then the cost of disposing or recycling the used product has to be borne. It is also a fragile medium, able to be destroyed by water, fire, uncontrolled shredding or the black hole of some people’s offices!

Until recent times, safety systems have been heavily reliant on paper. SO MUCH PAPER. Policies, procedures, manuals, forms, investigation reports – all produced on paper and distributed in bulk to everyone who was deemed to require such information. Yes, it has its place in modern safety systems, but paper, and the management of such, can also create legal and administrative headaches for business.

There has been a steady growth in the development of safety software systems in the last couple of decades or so, and like all technology, as our tech intelligence grows, so too does the capability and functionality of both hardware and software. The benefits of safety software are numerous, especially combined with mobile device technology. Besides the lack of paper floating and drifting between users, there is the ability to get the same information to all users simultaneously, incidents can be managed effectively and people are transparently accountable for their obligations and actions. Updates to documents can be done at the click of a button after following the quality control measures built in to the system.

So how do you choose a software package to suit your business? Do you have several locations and remote workers? Do you want to utilise the power of multi-device capability? What about externally hosted software and SaaS responsiveness and efficiency?

The ideal software for your business is one that increases employee and contractor safety while minimising compliance headaches and de-risking your operations. A package needs to be easy to implement in your business while being flexible and customisable enough to be tailored to suit. Data integrity is vital, as is the return on investment. If this sounds like a daunting set of requirements, then fear not! It’s all available in one product called SHERM.

SHERM stands for Safety, Health, Employee and Risk Management. It is a cloud based safety software package with features such as easy-to-configure set up, powerful risk assessment capability, incident and investigation management, document management and sharing for all your work health and safety system documents, training and licence/qualification management and online auditing. SHERM can run on any mobile device with a free app available to download for iPhone/iPads and Android devices.

Would you like a free demonstration of SHERM for your organisation? If so, please reach out to me via phone, email or the Safety for Life website.

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