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FAQ for OHS Services

What information can be integrated into Sherm?

Within the People Module of Sherm is the information related to the employees within your business.

This module links to other databases within the software application and we have provided a spreadsheet to assist with the integration of employees details. This is completed on your behalf during the setup of your site.

It was not considered that organisations who subscribe to Sherm will want to input previous data from incident reports and hazard reports, however should this be the case, then such information can be uploaded on your behalf at cost. Please advise us of your requirements so that we can do an analysis of your data upload requirements. Note only 1 year previous import for both hazard and incident data is accepted.

How long does it take to get my subscription up and running?

Once we have defined your subscription requirements, the Software Agreement is signed and payment has been received, your subscription service is activated.

We will then work with you to configure your site and upload your data. The vital factor in terms of having your site completely ready is based upon the readiness of information that you supply to us and other services that you may require to be undertaken on your behalf.

What support services are provided?

Technical support is inbuilt within the application.

There are firstly Help buttons that provide the user with guidance about the page they are in.

Secondly, should an error occur you can send us the details through our inbuilt Tech Support.

Also, should you have a question about the software and what you should do or could do, then please email in the first instance to support@safetyforlife.com.au and we will then contact you either directly via phone or email you with your instructions.

We will ensure to follow up with you so that we know your support has been managed appropriately and your queries or concerns put to rest.

At Safety for Life we maintain a very high commitment to “Service” and this is validated by our existing clients.

What training is provided with Sherm Software?

When you commence your subscription with Sherm you are provided with initial training during the setup and configuration.

Once the initial training is completed and your system is ready for use, you have access to training as and when required.

Training can be provided to you where ever you may be.

Sherm Software utilise GoToMeeting to provide on-demand web-based training.

We use Webinars so that we can provide training to as many of your staff as required for the training you require, when you require it.

Just request a webinar or view the online pre-recorded webinars and access as and when required.

How do I subscribe to Sherm Software?

When you choose to become a client of Sherm Software and subscribe, the easiest way to get your subscription under way is to Contact Us!

We need to establish your subscription requirements and provide you with the billing method that best suits your business operations.

Subscriptions are based upon the number of users and can start as little as up to 5 users of the software up to 250 users.

Then once we have your subscription details in hand and the relevant paperwork completed then we can provide you an invoice for payment.

Once payment is received, your subscription will be activated and we will start work with you to help you setup and configure your software service and undertake training with your people.

FAQ for Sherm Product

How can Sherm improve my business?

The purpose of Sherm is to help business to demonstrate compliance, while delivering business improvement, and giving you a competitive edge.
Sherm Increases in efficiency, moving to a proactive culture, increased productivity, consistency of approach, improved data management and increased accountability all contribute to significant business improvement, often used by our clients to show commercial advantage. Sherm has the added advantage of a mobile phone application specifically for the mobile worker who can report hazards and incidents in real time. Notifications are immediate! Take a look at Sherm modules.

Who currently uses Sherm

Sherm’s clients are from varying industries with employees ranging from up to 25 employees to 250 employees. Sherm is currently being used throughout Australia, New Zealand, California and the United Kingdom with scheduled rolled out to India, Philippines and other areas of Asia Pacific. There are strong growth predications due to the capability and design functionality.

What industry has Sherm designed for?

Sherm has been designed specifically for small and medium sized Australian business to manage risk and compliance. Because Sherm is a web-based SaaS application, the software is flexible to suit the requirements of your business. If you are an Australia business with offices overseas, then now worries! We’ve got you covered. If you’re an overseas client, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Safety for Life will work with any business serious to make the move to web technology for managing compliance and risk. Take a look at some of our Clients to get a feel for the type of business using Sherm technology.

Will Sherm suit my industry sector?

Sherm is used across multiple industry sectors – please contact us to find out more about our experience in your sector.
Sherm’s client cover: Business Services, Civil Construction, Transport and Logistics, Communications, Quarrying and Registered Training Organisations. The flexibility of Sherm enables all business types to effectively manage risk based on the concept design and functionality of Sherm.

How is security set within the Sherm?

Security is determined by you during configuration. The User Roles section within the People module provides the flexibility for having as many User Roles as required by your business. Within the Help feature built into Sherm, we have provided guidance as to the User Roles you will require. But don’t worry, we make sure this is set up correctly for you!

The security of Sherm is extremely high! Each user has a unique login that has to be authenticated. Sherm is a SSL Certificate and all data is encrypted. We understand the importance of security!

Sherm is hosted on private dedicated servers with the highest level of security hosted by Ultra Serve. With daily backups undertaken, firewalls and a 99.9% service level guarantee you can be assured your information is maintained at all times.

Can our contractors and clients access our subscription?

The simple answer to this is yes.

Sherm software provides for “Other Users” in the Employee management section whereby basic information is required about the “other” user that you would like to have access your management system. For Contractors to have access, then they must first be a preferred Contractor and set up in the Contractor Register. Only then can a Contractor be added into “Others” and assigned a User Role.