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Ensure Your Workforce Have Training Needs Met

Training in the workplace is about ensuring your employees have the competency, knowledge and skills to perform the tasks for the position that they occupy. Providing workplace training to meet your Legal Compliance requirements is not only essential but also an important health and safety duty. Developing an OHS training program can be a time consuming process along with coordinating the resources, trainers and trainees and the cost of such an endeavour can be quite considerable.

Within Sherm you can develop Online OHS Training Programs that are specific to the needs of the business. Furthermore, you can schedule training to be either online or offline – internal or external.

Now there is no need to reply on a complicated paper-based system that quickly becomes out of date. With flexibility to configure the Training Program and assign a status to a trainee, especially if you are an RTO managing the skills competency of your trainers, Sherm is what you require to manage your OHS Training Program.

Training Management with Sherm

Sherm’s Training Management module is designed to provide you with the flexibility to configure your OHS Training Program and related training courses.

With integrated linkages to positions that are set up in the Human Resources module, Sherm will automatically populate the Training Needs Analysis for your organisation.

What’s more you can upload developed training programs, link to external websites for online training courses, provide relevant information to trainees prior to attendance at the course and maintain a Training Register and results of training.

With Sherm Training Management you can:
  • Develop your training masters where all the training courses for your business are maintained.
  • Attach related documentation for training courses or link to a website, this is especially useful for external online training courses.
  • Schedule training programs for employees.
  • Set training reminders at specified timeframes.
  • Record attendance to training whereby you can assign a status to the training, such as Trainee, Under Development, Under Supervision, Delivery/Assessor or Train the Trainer.
  • Develop specific Competency Assessment Tests for participants to complete independently or link to a training course.
  • Run reports on employee using the various search tools.
  • Export information and print only what is required.

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