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Identifying hazards in the workplace is a proactive and fundamental practice to enable the management of risk associated with workplace hazards.

Hazards will be in all workplace environments, however the duty applies for the management of related to risk to be controlled to ‘as low as is reasonable practicable’.

OHS Legislation places an obligation on all persons to ‘take reasonable care for your own health and safety while at work, and ensure your acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of other persons at the workplace’.

An “Officer” of the business has duty to ensure that risk is managed. Should this duty not be discharged, then the penalties that are apply… well let’s just say they could seriously affect your ‘way of life’.

Therefore, at Safety for Life we provide practical assistance in the development of an effective OHS Risk Management Program and strategies to assist you to minimise your risk exposures. This is to ensure the way of life for all employees is that of happy, health and safe people.

Our Risk Management services include the following:

  • Hazard identification surveys
  • Conduct of audits and assessments
  • Ergonomic workstation assessment, both in office and for home workers
  • Assessment for Standing / Sit Workstations
  • Ergonomic Programs
  • Manual handling risk assessment
  • Work Tasks Analysis
  • Function Capacity Evaluations
  • Risk Assessment for Plant, Chemicals, Contractors etc..
  • Contractor Management Program
  • Procedure based audits and assessments
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Audits and Assessments

If you are unsure as to what potential risk exposures your business may be facing, then it may be a good idea to start with a Workplace Inspection with a Professional OHS Consultant.  This initial assessment will provide insight as to what may be required by the organisation to improve the current standards for managing risk and legal compliance.

At Safety for Life we take into account the requirement of current WHS legislation, codes of practice, industry standards and guidelines.  A Workplace Inspection shall be documented in a comprehensive report on workplace risk with recommendations on how to improve.  Our safety consultant can work with you to develop a risk management action plan and can provide support and guidance as and when required.

If you are considering a safety software application for the management of risk, tracking the status of corrective actions and having access to data about your risk, then please consider Sherm, our web-based safety and risk management compliance application.

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