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Good Reporting Processes Saves Time, Efforts and Drives Performance

Obtaining current information for meetings, investigations, audits and ensuring compliance can be a time consuming process. Now you can minimise administrative tasks, get the information you need and get on with it.

Extracting information for monitoring performance to Safety and Risk Compliance requirements is a necessity and needs to be effectively managed.

What you need is a streamless Reports Management System that enables you to choose the reports you require and are easy to extract and print out whenever and wherever you are.

Reporting with Sherm

Sherm Reports module enables access to a range of reports that provide information and data for better control and management of safety performance, compliance and risk management, along with corrective actions management, training and more….

If you are an organisation with multiple sites, then you have the ability to run specific reports for those sites as well as the whole company.

With Sherm Report Management you can:
  • Ensure licences and certificates never expire for your employees as well as your contractors employees, meaning you will not be exposed to unauthorised or unlicensed operators
  • Monitor the Document Management approval process ensuring people responsible for reviewing and updating documentation are doing just that in the required allocated timeframes.
  • Check the status of Risk Control Actions for Incidents, Hazards and Workplace Inspection Management
  • Easily track the completion of scheduled Workplace Inspections so you know with confidence that your Risk Management Program is implemented
  • Feel confident that Incident Investigations are being undertaken and completed by the due date
  • Manage Contractors and their OHS Compliance requirements with maintaining the insurances required to work on your sites
  • Easily identify injury types and how people are being injury, but what, where and how – so that you can effectively plan to reduce risk and improve your Safety Performance.
  • Know that training is scheduled and feel confidant that the training needs of employees are being met and Due Diligence requirements are demonstrated.