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Safety Software – Easy to Use and Comprehensive

Safety for Life’s flagship safety software offering is Sherm: a comprehensive tracking and reporting system featuring 12 integrated modules. Sherm is a proprietary software platform designed to increase employee safety, engage workers to participate in the management of risk, eliminate compliance paperwork and minimise business risk exposures! Sherm is a seamless, unified system with specialist modules, including:

Human Resources – keep the records required to support the recruitment and selection of suitable candidates for your workplace and maintain relevant records.  Manage licences and certificates and be notified upon expiry, health information and additional records management.

Online Training and Competency Assessment Tests – provides for the development of in-house on-line training for your staff. Based on your training needs analysis, set up, schedule and notify workers of training scheduled. Develop your own Competency Assessments for completion online also. Records automatically logged against user.

Legal Obligations – ensure that your legal obligations register is always up to date. Just identify what is relevant for your business and your link is always current.

OHS Documentation – all policies, procedures, work instructions, forms etc.. can be maintained here once they have undergone the approval process.  OHS Documentation can be made Site and Department specific, should the business have multiple sites undertaking different operations.

Risk Management – record and report hazards, assess risk, assign corrective actions, set timeframes for completion.  Upload photographic evidence with instant notifications to relevant persons.

Incident Reporting – report incidents, assign an investigator, assign corrective actions, upload photographic evidence, record witness details, equipment involved and maintain records.  Also, root cause is assigned and investigation documents and case notes are kept secure.

Injury Management – all incidents in which an injury occurs are maintained. Record the time lost, costs associated and manage rehabilitation plans along with medical certificates, details of health provides and case notes.

Workplace Inspections – develop your workplace inspection tools then assign to persons who are required to complete. You can develop a schedule for repeat inspections, set timeframes for completion. Notifications provided to users.

OHS Auditing – develop your own online audit tools to measure compliance to OHS, Environment, Fire Safety and more. If there is a specific audit tool you require, then we can help develop and deliver.

Resources – keep track of what is going on in industry whether it be an alert from an authority, a conference, industry seminar, changes to legislation, it will all be here and supports your communication to your workplace.

Safety Performance – monitors your statistics with specifically chosen lead and lag indicators.

Planning – develop all your business WHS  Improvement  Plans and monitor progress to plan. Supports continuous improvement processes and supports the planning for resources, when actions will be done, by who and what cost there is to the business.

Meeting Records – keep your meeting records here and easily distribute minutes. Record who attended and maintain records of percentage of attendance as one of your stats. Notifications are provided and reminders as well.

Contractor Management – maintain all records required to manage your contractors from insurance certification to WHS Documentation, Plans and Safe Work Method Statements.

Registers – a number of registers are provided such as Hazardous Chemicals, Plant, Manual Tasks and Contractors.  Each register is packed with function to assist in managing compliance.Check out the Sherm Mobile App for linked integration provided for workers on the go.