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Happy New Year


Sherm Mobile App

New Features:

  • iOS 13 compatibility
  • Application design updated to enable ease of use
  • SDS document available for download
  • Easy and secure login with TouchID/FaceID (this has to be enabled on your device through Settings)

Instruction: you will need to delete the exiting app on phones (devices) and then reinstall.

After this is done once, then the auto updates will install when future changes occur.

Plant Register

  • Plant items now have a PEID (Plant Equipment ID) number. This is included within the Filter and also within the Export to PDF.
  • Export to Excel of all Plant items will enable you to review and update plant on the Excel Sheet then import. This will prevent having to go into each plant item if significant changes are required. The PEID will be the unique identifier for exported plant items and will update according to the changes made on the Excel Sheet. If the PEID is not listed along with other data, those items will be removed.
  • Warranty expiry date can be added which will display in the Export PDF
  • Risk Assessment now has option of N/A
  • Additional tab included for “Notes” that can be Printed out as required.

Site Reports

  • Reports by Site will display the Site Address in Header instead of the generic address held at the Vendor site.
  • Documentation > Review & Approve: When ALL is selected it will show the documents that have been assigned for ALL sites in the Document Register. When a specific site is selected, only those documents developed specifically for that site will display.

Contactor Register

  • Due to the update in Site Reports, please update your Contractor/Supplier Register and assign them to a Site. Otherwise, Reports > Contractor / Supplier will not display the data.

Incident Management

  • PPE Requirements – there is now a button for N/A as PPE does not always apply to incidents. Same is available in Sherm Mobile App.

Facilitator of Scheduled Training and CATs

  • The Facilitator / Scheduler of Training will now get a notification email and calendar invite.


  • Filter for sites to include “ALL”
  • Inactive Sites have been removed from: hazard, incident, scheduled training Report, Training Needs Analysis
  • Individual Training Reports – included Site and Department in Filter
  • Competency Report: order of change of filter types; when site is selected, then information will filter workers associated with that site and same will apply when department filter is activated.
  • Employees > Skills Matrix: by default the Status will display as “Active” instead of “ALL”

Print PDF – Incidents, Hazard and Issue

· Have included, Due Date, Approved Date along with the comments that have been made during the CA Evaluation and Approval process along with the dates on which this was done.


· Ability to Filter using multiple training programs in both the Training Register and CAT Register

· Information selected can be exported to Excel report.

Issues Management

· Have included and Issue Type: Improvement


- Performance: I have added a Help Feature that explains the calculations for the SIFR and LTIFR.


  • Reports > Filters for Site now includes “ALL.
  • Creation of duplicate records due to user double clicking ‘save’ has been rectified for Incident Management.
  • General bug fixes and enhancements along with some issues with new mobile interface.

What You Should Do

1) Review Planning > Performance and set new targets for 2020

2) Review Reports and based upon status, Develop new Plan for 2020

3) Update Contractor Register and ensure that Contractors are assigned to a Site/s

Work in Progress

Risk & Opportunity Register

We are about to commence this task!! Finally 😊

So that’s the wrap to cover activities from Nov – Dec 2019.

Any queries on the above, then please email me.

Please ensure you communicate relevant changes to your team.

Kindest Regards

Caroline Kingston

Director / Principal Consultant

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