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January 2016

Sherm Update


New Improvements

Multi Admin
Sherm will now support Multi Admin. This will enable up to two (2) other persons to have greater access within the application. This is especially relevant to clients who have sites in their Site Master with Status of “Private”. When Sites are marked Private then only the main System Admin that is registered from our Vendor Site has full access across all other sites. With this improvement tested at Production with one client who has over 61 Sites as Private, I have identified further improvements to be undertaken.

However, for now clients who would like to add up to (2) other users as Admin Support, please send me those details so I can register those for you. If you have question about this new feature and how best it could work for you, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Displaying number of Records on Pages
You will note that at the bottom of each table now is the option for you to select 10, 25, 50, 100 records to display in which you can scroll through records instead of turning pages. You can stick with the 10 records and still move page by page or try the new scroll feature! Thank you Justin!

Register > Contractors
Add / Edit Contractor:

1.We have change ABN Number to Business No. - this enables those in other countries to register their business number in any format required. Thank you Alan!
2.Change WorkCover Insurance to Workers Comp

All Entries in the Contractor Register will display by default until you use the Search Filters required to find the data you are looking for.

Reports > Users
Search Filter included for “Reporting to”. The dropdown will only display persons who have people reporting to them as defined in Manage Employee. It shall also consider those persons in People > Human Resources > Manage Others.

Licences and Certificates
In both People > Human Resources > Manage Employee AND Registers > Contractors > Manage Contractor Employee we have the ability to input licence and certificate details and expiry date. New function enables you to delete the Expiry Date if required. Thank you Helen and Sue!

Manage Employee Qualifications
People > Human Resources > Manage Employee in the Qualifications TAB now provides for an “Attachment” upload functions os any copies of qualifications can be imported in the application. File size 4MB Thank you Helen and Sue!

Report > Documentation
A bug existed in the report which has now been fixed. The Report will show the correct Document Owner and the Next Review Date for document. Please run this report for 2 reasons. Firstly, check and see if you have documents that are due for review and secondly that the Document Owner is correct. Thank you Helen and Sue!

Training > Training Master
If you decide to make a Training Program “Inactive”, then the status “Inactive” will now display in the table. Inactive Training cannot be scheduled. Training that had been undertaken in the past (prior to making "inactive”) shall display in Reports > Individual Training and if the data was entered from within Manage Employee > Training Undergone, the records shall still be available within this report. Thank you Helen and Sue!

Reporting Hazards and Selecting Viewers
This function enables to you to alert others to View a Hazard that has been reported. We have enabled the ability to select multiple persons instead of one at a time.

More News!
Safety for Life have transferred our Server Management to Nerdster! Our new Dedicated Virtual Server is twice as powerful and secure. We completed the migration of the server over Christmas. I have also put a Security Certificate on the website. The Sherm Login link from the website has been updated so this will take you to the new server.

Any questions or services required, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kind Regards
Caroline Kingston

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