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Increase Efficiencies and Improve Performance and Accountability

Managing your company information, accountabilities and responsibility and notification requirements including the management of employee positions, competencies and training needs, licences and certificates of currency can be a challenge – even more so when operations have multiple sites and manager interaction across various departments.

Paper based systems or the famous excel spreadsheets have often let us down as there are no automatic reminders. Hence the increase administration to maintain this type of system increases and performance and efficiencies decrease.

People Management Module Functions

Sherm People Management module is broken down into 2 sub modules.

  1. User Management enables the configuration for User Roles providing the functionality to define access rights and permissions. Setting up Notifications for Incident, Hazard and Issues and if require, including up to 3-predefined fields.
  2. Human Resource Management provides the functionality to set up and configure multi sites, departments, employment types, and positions to enable the effective management of your valuable human resources.

Configuration of People Management defines your Sherm system and can be modified as and when required with all records maintained for the life of your subscription.

User Management with Sherm

Manage User Roles are configured during the initial setup of your system so you can determine which roles have access to manage or view the various modules within the system. The Sherm Help Feature provides useful guidance for specific User Roles and their access permissions, e.g. Employees, Supervisors, Managers, Contractors etc..

Assign Notification Rights pre-sets the automatic notification to relevant persons within the business when an incident or hazard has been reported. The notification is linked to the users email address, so not only will there be a record within the Dashboard when the user logs into the system, but immediate notification goes to the persons email address. Given a lot of senior managers these days have their email go directly to their mobile phone – there is now instant awareness.

Manage Defined Fields provides 3 extra-defined fields that you can either select as mandatory information to collect and could include such information as, closest airport, passport number, food allergy!

Manage People

Manage People module provides the flexibility to effectively manage your business operations so you can easily manage your employees across multi sites, change managers, set up positions and predefine the training required for Positions. Sherm has multiple linkages. Positions link to the Training Module and automatically populate the Training Needs Analysis and will assist to identify gaps in the Training Register.

With Sherm’s People Management Module you Can:
  • Import employee records at the time of configuration to minimise the administrative time during setup
  • Record total employee work hours each month so that the LTIFR is automatically calculated in conjunction with the Injury management module that records days lost
  • Set up multiple sites so when an employee moves within the business you can easily update their details at any time
  • Set up multiple departments so as your business expands
  • Predetermine the training required for each position through effective linkages from the Training Master that directly then populates the Company’s Training Needs Analysis
  • Ensure you have current information in one place, including emergency contact details in the event they may be required.
  • Maintain compliance through ensuring licences and certificates are current as preset notifications remind both the employee and their manager
  • Our licence and certificate master enable you to populate requirements so that when running reports you are assured of clean, fresh data
  • Keep track of health information related to the employee, such as pre-employment medicals, audiometric testing, drug testing and set reminder dates for when particular test are required
  • Ensure that private and confidential information is maintained through the assigned User Role
  • Easily manage the performance of employees and related records throughout the course of their employment.
  • Maintain a record of training that an employee has undertaken prior to commencing employment with you
  • Print out PDF records for employees as and when required to obtain a complete record of information registered
  • Demonstrate effective employee management during management systems audits
  • Easily produce records as and when required for investigation requirements
  • User the search function tools to go directly to the employee of interest
  • Manage the status of employees so if they are to leave your business you can make them inactive whilst still maintaining record keeping requirements of 7 years