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OHS Documentation and Document Control

OHS Software for managing OHS Documentation and document control eliminates the paper wonderland and administrative nightmares experienced in most organisations.

Processes for document control system and ensuring only current and relevant documents are available for employee use can be the thorn and sometimes create a sign-off bottleneck and huge delays!

What businesses need is an automated document management system that ensures only current and controlled documents that are approved for use and easily accessible.

Document Management with Sherm

Documentation Module administers the tools required to manage and control your OHS Documentation.

Sherm provides an integrated workflow for document handlers, reviewers and approvers. Uploading Documentation into the Document Register effectively records creation date, review date and version control. Responsibility for documentation management is assigned to a nominated person. Automated reminders are set for 4 weeks, 15 days, 7 days and 1 day prior to the Review Date of a document to the Document Owner. Escalations are sent to the System Administrator should a document not be reviewed and updated by the Due Date.

Documentation that has been approved will be available for user in Approved Documents. Sherm provides Document Templates for use to assist with the development of procedures and policies.

Safe Work Method Statements can be scheduled for completion by responsible persons. Upon the completion of Safe Work Method Statements, the Assigner will approve the document.

Most organisations have various resources, such as Australian Standards or Manual from various government departments that are required, or referred to in the daily operation. The OHS Resources element provides either the upload of such external resources or you can link to their website. All external resources uploaded are also quality controlled with a version number, creation date and review date. A Document owner is assigned who then has the responsibility for ensuring this document is reviewed annually.

With Sherm’s Document Management System you can:

  • Manage various document types and have control over information so only current approved versions can be downloaded and printed for
  • Assign responsibility to persons for handling documentation to ensure only authorised persons contribute to the document management system
  • Manage external resources with version control to ensure audit requirements are met
  • Link external resources so that employees have access to related documentation that saves times searching the internet
  • Use the document management system for any category of documentation for inclusion
  • Manage and store all your records in the one area and all previous version of records for the same resource name is maintained for 7 years
  • Access and print off SWMS prior to the commencement of a job
  • Organise the category types for documentation to suit you organisational requirements
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