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Manage Compliance Requirements with Safety Registers

Maintaining registers for monitoring of risk exposures and track related information and data can often lead to oversights, difficulties in maintaining currency and be time consuming and tedious.

Managing registers for contractors, plant and equipment, chemicals and hazardous manual tasks is now made easier for Compliance and Risk Management.

With inbuilt risk assessment, tracking and notifications you can assure yourself that your business can effectively manage and meet compliance requirements.

Sherm Registers

Sherm Registers enable the recording of information for specific risk areas in the business that provide for improved information and data to be logged, assessed, tracked and assigned.

For organisations that are multi-site, having access to information like that of on-site contractors or where an item of plant has been assigned most certainly improves the capabilities for managing risk, plant, chemicals and risk exposures for manual tasks.

With Sherm Safety Registers you can:
  • Complete Risk Assessments on plant and equipment and link the approved work instruction or safe work procedure for operation.
  • Upload technical documentation so you’ll never have to go searching again for that manual.
  • Assign items of plant to a person so you know exactly where your assets are at all times, especially useful when a person leaves your business to determine what needs to be returned.
  • Import SDS and Risk Assessments to Chemicals that can be downloaded and printed in 2 clicks of a mouse.
  • Export and Print your entire Chemical Substance Register for use with your Emergency Management Plan.
  • Undertake Risk Assessments on high-risk manual tasks demonstrating OHS responsibilities.
  • Download records of Risk Assessments when required and link to the approved work instruction.
  • Ensure only preferred contractors with current licences and certificates work on your sites.
  • Easily print out Contractor Management information.
  • Manage all records against contractors to evaluate their performance and compliance to your requirements.
  • Record and manage contractor employees multiple licences, certificates, registrations and trainings. Never have non-licenced or uninsured contractors on site as notifications are provided upon expiration of licences.

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