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‘Link On’ to OHS Legislation

Organisations often struggle to keep up with their OHS Legal Requirements and ensure that the OHS Legislation they are referring to is current. Undertaking a review of legal requirements is regarded as a crucial step in planning the management of organisational risk exposure.

Imagine knowing you have links to legislation all in one place and it is so easy to access – just a click of a mouse away! With Sherm we have taken the hard work out for you, as we monitor updates to legislation, ensure the links are current so that all you have to do is make your selection.

People within your business will be able to easily search what legislation they are looking for and simply ‘Link On’ to the relevant information source.

With the Sherm Legal Obligations Register you can:
  • Set up your Legal Register with ease. Export to PDF and print or to XLS for further detailed developments specific to your requirements.
  • Set up your Legal Register. Simply select the Country / States that you operate in and choose the relevant legislation (Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice) and press save.
  • Search for a particular piece of legislation from the search filter provided.
  • Request legislation from Safety for Life and we can make sure that you can access this within minutes!

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