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The Benefits of Using State of the Art Online Risk Management and Assessment Software for Your Organisation

Risk management remains an essential responsibility for organisations of all kinds, but it should always be partnered with effective risk assessment. Ideally, an organisation should understand the potential for risks in their facility to minimise the possibility of incidents. Risk management strategies and tools should exist as a contingency, not as an inevitability. For that reason, organisations can benefit from investing in high quality risk assessment and management software that will allow them to streamline and optimise these protocols.

Why Invest in Risk Assessment or Management Software?

Workplace hazards can be much more than a mere compliance issue. They can also result in losses to your business, and threats to the health and safety of an organisation’s personnel. Fortunately, risk management and assessment software can effectively manage the data required for an organisation to assess its strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide a valuable tool for planning and implementing responses to incidents. OHS legislation requires all organisations to have a risk management program already but upgrading to an online risk management platform that offers these features can provide numerous extra advantages.

Safety for Life can help your organisation with state of the art online risk management and assessment software suitable for any industry. Our safety software is incredibly versatile, configured to suit the needs of the business considering multi-site management, departments, and suits various industry types. We have been trusted for years by professionals in numerous industries, because of the unprecedented user-specific options that our software provides. Our Sherm software has been designed to assist with the management and control of risks across the board though ease of hazard notification, instant alerts and the assigning of corrective actions quickly and efficiently.

Key Features of Our Online Risk Management Software that Make It Ideal for Progressive Organisations

When you choose Sherm Software from Safety for Life, you will have access to the following state of the art features:

  • Configure the risk matrix to suit your organisation’s risk tolerance or use the matrix provided
  • Add hazards into the Risk Register and report instantly
  • Set up immediate notifications to relevant persons to ensure they are aware of the reported hazard
  • Utilise the filters to search by site, date reported, or hazard identification number
  • Attach multiple document types including photographs
  • Complete risk assessments for both inherent and residual risk
  • Assign corrective actions to responsible persons with due date for completion
  • Viewers can make comments and printing the Hazard Report is as simple as a click of a button

These features will allow you to identify the potential for hazards in your workplace before they have a chance to catch you unawares and will also provide you with the necessary capabilities to deal with workplace incidents efficiently and reduce collateral damage. Contact us directly to learn more and allow one of our friendly professionals to tell you more about everything we can provide for your organisation to keep it safe and 100% compliant.