Risk and Hazard Management

risk management

Reduce Risk Through Assessment – Limit your Liabilities

Risk Management should not be a knee jerk reaction due to a poorly applied approach for assessing the risk of business operations and activities.

Standards in Australia require organisations to implement risk management programs. OHS Legislation prescribes this requirement. However, many organisations are still challenged at developing and implementing a risk management system for safety that employees can understand and follow.

Ask yourself, what is Risk Management and what does this mean to the workplace, the people and the business. What are my risk exposures and how can these be effectively managed to reduce the risk to health and safety, ensure safety compliance and limit the liability in the event something does go wrong?

We know that hazards in our workplace can pose a serious risk to people’s health and safety at the workplace. The process needs to be streamlined with responsibilities assigned for effective risk management.

Managing hazards can now be done effectively and efficiently with Sherm Software.

With Sherm Hazard Reporting you can:

  • Configure the risk matrix to suit you organisations risk tolerance or simply use the matrix provided
  • Add hazards into the Risk Register and report instantly
  • Set up immediate notifications to relevant persons to ensure they are aware of the hazard being reported
  • Utilise the filters to search by site, date reported or hazard identification number
  • Attached multiple document types including photographs
  • Complete risk assessments for both inherent and residual risk
  • Assign corrective actions to responsible persons with due date for completion
  • Viewers can make comments and printing the Hazard Report is as simple as a click of a button
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