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Welcome to the Sherm Update for January 2024!

Happy New Year!

As our gift to you this year, we have added 2 electronic Workplace Inspections for to undertake…. You’re welcome 😊

This will support your due diligence relevant to managing risk relative to these potential hazards in the working environment. The inspections are:

  • Psychosocial Risk Identification
  • Sexual Harassment Risk Identification.

To demonstrate your requirements, in the first you should schedule and conduct these inspections. If there are multiple Sites / Departments etc, then consider populating multiple Inspection Masters for both these inspections.

Also, Training for Positive Duty – Sexual Harassment has been provided along with a CAT.

So here we go with the other improvements and fixes for your attention and communication to your workforce.


Sherm Mobile App

It is likely you have already seen the updated App and have been pushed by the Store. I’m pretty happy with the outcome. The main benefit for you and your workers is the ability now to access Training and MyCAT from the Mobile App. Hope you like!

Injury Register

We have added an additional function to enable the deletion of a record made in error within the Incident Management > Injury Register.

This record can only be removed by System Admin, Secondary Admins or the Site Administrator.

Workplace Inspection

Logo has been added to the Electronic Inspection Checklist and will display when Printed from within the Electronic Web Form and emailed to relevant persons.

Changes made to the inspection include the ability to add photos from within the inspection checklist and these will print out as shown below.

From the Mobile App it is easy to email this through to relevant persons (if required). We have also used the same Action button in the Mobile App for the Electronic Form to save confusion.

Also we have made an improvement to the display of Survey questions which prevents having to scroll across the page.

Actions: If you have not populated your Electronic Web Form in Workplace Inspection > Type of Inspection, I would recommend you doing so along with updating the Workplace Inspection Management Procedure.

Schedule Audits – Calendar Event

Upon scheduling of an audit, a calendar event will be sent to the assigned person conducting the audit.

If the audit is rescheduled, the previous invite will need to be deleted by the ‘auditor’.

Schedule Meetings

  • Ability to Edit the reschedule should plans change which enables the Scheduler (or Admin) to edit and remove the reoccurrence.
  • Include Fortnightly in the frequency selection.


Training Master: on this page, the Status by default will display only the “Active” Training Masters so when searching the Training Name, only the active display.

A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated

Rehabilitation Plan: Increased the maximum character limit up to 500 in ‘suitable duties’ and ‘work restrictions’.

Scheduled Meeting Minutes: ability to Edit the current schedule and remove the Reoccurrence if required and included Fortnightly in the Frequency.

Assign Notification Rights: Users sorted alphabetically.

Reports > Manage Risk > Incident Reports: export to excel has 2 additional columns added being; 1) Details leading up to event; 2) immediate actions taken, 3) Notification date and 4) Authority.

Inspection List Sorting: will display as date due by status of assigned, and then by date / status completed; fixed the Save and Submit issue.

Chemical Register: inherent risk assessment code corrected and updated.

Sherm Updates

Please remember all the Sherm Updates are located at the Safety for Life Website > Sherm Software > Software Updates.

It is important to keep your procedures current and up to date and that changes are communicated to your work groups.


Stay happy, healthy, and free 😊