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Welcome to the Sherm Update for May 2024!


Worker can Add their Own Licenses and Certificates

Change made to enable users to add their own licenses and certificates from Web App. Function will be available upon the next update to the Mobile App. This will remove the administrator requirement when onboarding a new worker and hopefully ensure that licenses required are provided and updated.

Action: if this piece of work is still not completed in your business, you could ensure that during the next team meeting the function is explained and the task is completed. Additionally, it may provide useful to review and update the onboarding process for workers to help streamline this administrative function.

To update from Web App, workers can go to Welcome Dropdown

Click on My Profile

The Add Licence and Add Certificate buttons are ready for use.

Risk Module – Add Multiple Attachments.

In the Web App, the ability exists to drag and drop multiple files. It is recommended that these files are named so they are displayed by File Name in Attachments. The feedback display provided is “Document Upload Success’ for each document dragged and dropped into the screen. Additionally, you can always SELECT FILES to upload from your device.

Mobile | Push Notification

You can use Sherm to push out User Notifications. This is done through People > User Management > User Notification

ISO Privacy

Within the mobile app Developer requirements for privacy policy assessed and compliance attained. Additional improvements for push and other features updated due to the version upgrade completed in Flutter and push to both App Stores.

Risk and Opportunity Register

To save confusion when using this Register, we have pre-set items in both the Category Master and Type Master to get you started. Using the Risk and Opportunity Register can help identify and record the risks and opportunities facing different areas of the business and identifying risk is a critical step in managing it.

Document Templates

Updates have been undertaken in Document Templates so when reviewing and updating your procedures, be sure to check back to the templates provided. Remember, they are there for you to use when reviewing and updating your own systems documentation.

Reports > Manage Risk > Workplace Inspections

Added a Filter for Assigned By to enable the searching / checking of who has schedule what inspections.


Forgot Password – Change to the implementation of event firing forgot password and applied fix also on security questions screen.

Reports and Export to PDF – We have removed ABN within these reports to accommodate sites with more than one entity and different ABN.

Medical Certification Email Notification – Modify implementation to send medical certificate expired mail notification to injured person instead of reporting to employee and to those listed in User Notification. Create new mail template that will be sent to reporting to employee and to those listed in User Notification when medical certificate gets expired.

Admin Panel Changes

Subscription numbers have been changed and will be updated accordingly your current subscriptions to align with new pricing model being introduced. A new process is currently being designed so that we can transition payment arrangements to enable customers to manage their account and subscription requirements. This is expected to be implemented in the next financial year.

It is important to keep your procedures current and up to date and that changes are communicated to your work groups.

Stay happy, healthy, and free 😊