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Good morning and a Happy Friday to you 😊
First up! Good news is that we have a new Safety Administrator onboard. Sharon Cliffe has joined Safety for Life and she brings to the office a good vibe and broad skill set that is proving to be extremely useful. I am stoked!!

Now, here is what has been achieved during May.

Web Fixes and Improvements

Registers > Manual Tasks

– Ability to Edit the Description of Manual Task

– Added a Comments Action button in Table

– Comments added are included in the Print Report


Registers > Contractors

– Phone number formatting has been removed to enable 131 111, 1300 080 080 or +64 2983 29842 numbers to be used.


Registers > Plant

– The Print – Plant Item Detailed Report is updated to include the data held in the Records tab

– Risk Assessment updated to display correct record uploaded


Report > Monthly Data Analysis

– Injury Data section of report will now display time of injury under Date of Injury and time was removed from Claim Closed Date.

Reports > Manage Risk > Incident Reports

– Filter now includes Between Times so if you are trying to analyse incident data relative to shifts this would be useful. Thanks Task Labour

Reports > Injury Reports – all of them

– Again, for these reports, we have included Between Times for data analysis of Injury Types, Agency of Injury/Disease, Bodily Location, Mechanism of Injury and Nature of Injury/Disease.


Site Master “Site Administrators”

– For multi-site management with sites “Private”, and where there are multiple departments within the Group, the Site Administrator was restricted in scheduling training to department other than to which they were assigned in “manage employee”. This restriction has been removed so that Department is not considered relative to the User when scheduling training.


The image below is a sign that sits on my desk and I thought it would be nice to share with you.
It serves as a mental health thing along the lines of… let’s say… ‘Keeping it Real’.
Hope you like and that you can also use.

Enjoy the weekend champions!

Kindest Regards


Caroline Kingston

Director / Principal Consultant

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