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All employers must have a robust, well documented and known OHS Management System to ensure the health and safety of their employees.

Regardless of industry or the size of your business, an OHS Management System is a must.

Safety For Life provide qualified professional health and safety consultants who can assist you to develop an OHS Management System that supports your OHS Risk Management program, compliance with legislation and is focused on continuous improvement.

A good Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems will be established around the five fundamental components:

  1. Policy
    Provides a statement of commitment, intentions and principles to OHS Performance and sets the framework for action to meet safety objectives and targets set.
  2. Planning
    Involves a process to identify and manage hazards through a risk management approach. Planning also considers ways to keep abreast of changes to legislation and other aspects within the business and the setting of performance objectives, which should be aligned to the OHS Policy.
  3. Implementation
    Implementation of the OHS Management System requires established process for roles, responsibilities and authorities; implementation of relevant training; consultation and communication; documentation is accessible and current; hazards are being effectively management; contractor management systems are in place and emergency management and response capability has effectively been implemented.
  4. Measurement and Evaluation
    There should be processes in place for the routine monitoring of OHS Performance and compliance against regulatory and other company standards and such records are to be maintained and accessible as and when required for review.
  5. Review and Improvement
    Constant review of the OHS Management system will be required to assess the effectiveness of the system and to determine if any changes are necessary. ”Officers” will be required to ensure that adequate systems are in place for Management Review and reporting of information up to board level (where this is applicable).

At Safety for Life we can support your journey through the development, implementation and review or any part of your existing safety management system.

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