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The benefits of using Sherm safety software solution are endless and supported by our client reviews and our recent article on Vital Chemical and how Sherm has saved time and costs!

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Cloud Deployment

Operational and financial benefits of Cloud computing are key drivers for the adoption of SaaS technology by businesses today. Free up cash flow and conserve costs while simultaneously driving new efficiencies with our flexible and secure web-based application.

Below are examples of the benefits:

  • Multiple Device Capability

This means you can run our application on Smart Phone, Tablets, Laptops and PC’s – both Android and IPhone.

  • Shrink Capital Spending

With Sherm there is no large initial capital outlay or unnecessary ongoing resource requirements for deployment, operations and upgrades. Sherm will not depreciate in value or usefulness to your business.

Cloud computing optimises the use of computing resources to deliver the ultimate in efficiency and utilisation of the entire shared infrastructure.

  • Optimise Operational Expenses

SaaS savings come from the avoidance of large upfront spending on software licences for applications and databases, server hardware and operating systems, upgrades to network infrastructure and ongoing maintenance and support agreements. With Sherm your business will not longer have those heavy expenses. You will be fully aware of your ongoing costs as they are provided through our flexible subscription service based on your organisational requirements. We provide ongoing valuable complimentary updates and improvements that are based on your feedback and consistently deliver up-to-date ongoing training and support to your personnel.

  • Increase Business Agility

Cloud computing provides a fresh approach to managing your business risk management program. Sherm is a fully secured technology hosted on dedicated private servers, daily back up with a 99.9% network uptime service level agreement. Our solution is simple – Sherm increases your business agility through quick and efficient deployment with minimal down time during the absorption of new technology with flexible training, online support and customer service when you require it.

Remote Administration

Sherm software is a SaaS application with access available 24/7 through an Internet connection. Important attributes that SaaS provides are scalability, configurability and multi-tenant efficiencies.

The architecture for this form of design provides excellent benefits for our clients, including:

  • Secured Technology

The protocol developed within Sherm provides the transmission of data via the Internet. Sherm is hosted at The Global Switch data centre by Ultra Serve and provides resilient, redundant and an extremely secure environment that utilises the highest quality infrastructure available. Be assured that your company information and data is privately and expertly maintained and is only accessible by you through your unique connection to our private servers.

  • System Improvements

SaaS applications provide the ability for Safety for Life (Vendor) to make changes to the software system and deploy these directly to the client. Changes for system improvements are all about the client and the user experience. As a client and user, your feedback is important to us and we encourage you to post feedback through the Contact Us page.

System improvements, patches and upgrades don’t cost the client. It is our responsibility to maintain, update and improve our Software with Service to you.

  • Security and Integrity

Data integrity
This means ensuring the data you input is maintained during any operations (such as transfer, storage or retrieval). Put simply, Sherm ensures data integrity is consistent and correct and only changes in response to authorised persons actions and authority to do so. Inbuilt workflows and business rules also ensure a high level of data integrity. The security-enabled provisions in Sherm include unique username and passwords for each person who will use the software.

Each person is assigned a User Role that determines the level of access rights and permission to the various modules of the system. The private servers and unique company data files have secure layer protocols for data transmission and encryption.

We understand the importance of confidentiality and security of information and data and have ensured the systems integrity for maintaining very high standards.

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