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Safety Planning Is The Road Map To Performance

Organisations have plans for this; plans for that and trying to keep track of all the various plans can be a challenge. Yet, planning for anything in business is vital to achieving the desired outcomes.

Sherm Planning Module has considered what you may need to manage and monitor the setting of your business performance targets and the scheduling of meetings required to keep track of operational activities and ensure OHS Compliance requirements.

Planning with Sherm

The Sherm Planning Module incorporates the functionality to develop multiple plans and assign actions to responsible persons for completion, including a budget plan and the monitoring of the status of actions.

Management Standards dictate the requirements for setting objectives and targets. Managing Safety Performance provides the setting of targets with predetermined lead and lag indicators with extra focus on the lead indicators. Set your targets and Sherm tracks the performance based on the links within the databases.

Finally, planning for great performance requires regularly scheduled meetings. Sherm Meetings provides for the scheduling of meetings, attendee invitations, attachment of meeting minutes and setting in action items for completion prior to the next meeting. All your records are retained with Sherm providing a great database for all your meeting minutes.

With Sherm Planning Compliance you can:
  • Create multiple plans and save in Drafts until ready for release to assigned persons for auctioning.
  • Edit and update plans as and when required with inbuilt notifications to advise persons of actions.
  • Easily print out plans with the click of a button.
  • Quickly go to My Task, Assigned Actions, and update status to the Plan Manager who can then immediately view progress of the plan.
  • Upload documents for access by responsible person to review as part of action completion requirements.
  • Ability to edit, export and set Safety Performance Targets, other annual targets and monitor safety performance at a glance.
  • Schedule meetings and invite attendees, track attendance that links to safety performance targets.
  • Monitor the meeting participant ratios for all meetings in your dashboard.
  • Be reminded of meetings at the predetermined time as set by the meeting scheduler.
  • View meeting minutes for all meetings in the business except those that are marked as ‘Private’.