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Incident Reporting Software provide immediate notification

Incident Reporting is requirement of any occupational health and safety management system and when this is not done efficiently the flow on effect may result in excessive costs to the business.

Now, imagine having the ability to report incidents online that provides instant notification to relevant persons and has an inbuilt workflow for incident management and investigation.

With Sherm, Incident Reporting and Investigation is made easy! Legislation in Australia requires that certain incidents that result in significant harm be notified to the relevant statutory authority. Sherm Incident Reporting provides the tools for quick reporting, notification to senior managers, investigation and corrective actions all in one centralized database.

Managing all types of incidents will be a breeze through the workflow management provided in Sherm. Incident Types that can be logged include:

  • Community Complaints
  • General Complaints
  • Contractors Injury/Illness
  • Fire
  • Explosions
  • Loss of Containment (Environmental)
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Injury
  • Near Hit (Miss)
  • Plant/ Equipment Damage
  • Product Withdrawal/Recall
  • Security Breach
With Sherm Incident Management you can:
  • Incidents are recorded into the Incident Register with easy to use search features
  • Ensure confidentiality around your incident reporting and investigation process
  • Identify trends of incident types through the reports management module to assist with planning activities to reduce risk exposures
  • Assign an investigator to an incident who can then assign team members to participate in the investigation
  • Upload Witness Statements records obtained
  • Monitor the status of the investigation and corrective actions
  • Assign corrective actions to prevent reoccurrences and run reports to provide an up-to-date status
  • Upload investigation evidence such as photos and supporting documents
  • Ensure you get the information you require from onsite locations thereby saving you time and money
  • Print out your incident reports, investigations and download any documentation that has been provided as evidence.