An OHS Policy is a simply a high level document that is integral to the organisations OHS Management System. The OHS Policy is a statement of commitment by the organisation stating the expectations for standards for workplace health and safety. The OHS Policy shall be defined by top management and is usually authorised by the CEO / Managing Director.

When developing an OHS Policy it needs to be appropriate to the nature of and scales or the organisation and include a commitment to the prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in OHS Management and OHS Performance. The OHS Policy is to include a commitment to at least comply with all applicable legal requirement and with other requirements to which the organisation subscribes that relate to OHS hazards. The OHS Policy provides your organisation with the framework for setting and reviewing OHS objectives. Certainly your OHS Policy should be documented, well communicated to your employees, contractors, suppliers, visitors and others so that they are made aware of their individual OHS obligations.

Ensuring the OHS Policy is implemented and maintained is the responsibility of the top management and we recommended that you review and update your OHS Policy on an annual or at most a bi-annual basis.

Safety for Life have provided a range of Policy Statements that you can customise to suit your organisation requirements.

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