New Website Integrates A Range of Safety Solutions into One

By: Caroline Kingston | Apr 09,2015 12:50

This week Safety for Life launch their new website that incorporates all aspects of the business OHS Services and Software solution.

Brisbane, Australia 10 April 2015 – Over the last 7 years Safety for Life has built their brand and reputation through an ongoing commitment to client requirements. In the last 4 years they have developed Sherm web-based application developed on the SaaS model which is being used throughout Australia and overseas!

Based in Brisbane, Safety For Life Pty Ltd is an Occupational Health and Safety Software and Consulting Company that has been in operation since December 2008. Caroline Kingston, Director / Principal Consultant is a Chartered Professional Member with the Safety Institute of Australia.

The Safety for Life website provides the information required by customers to make informed choices for managing health and safety in the workplace. Sherm software is Safety for Life’s no. 1 product and Ms. Kingston said, ‘it just makes good business sense to have all the information about our services and products in the one place to enhance the brand of Safety for Life”.

Here are just some of the changes on the website that support usability, accessibility and information exchange between our clients and new customers.

1. Optimized for Mobile Devices

Optimising for mobile phones was a big requirement as we see the change in the way people use their mobile devices to search information. The optimisation is user friendly and also includes the Login to Sherm software application.

2. Sherm Website Integration

Sherm software was promoted with its own website and with the changes to our business model, we have integrated information about Sherm benefits, mobile phone app, the various modules and benefits.

3. Sherm Mobile Phone App

Safety for Life has introduced the Sherm Mobile Phone App. The mini App was designed specifically for workers so make the reporting of incidents and hazards a breeze. The website provides information and some screenshots of the App.

4. Sherm Updates

When new improvements are undertaken on Sherm, these are communicated to our existing customers via email. Now all our updates are visible and can be easily searched by month and year of the update. New customers can therefore see the progress of our commitment to our safety software program!

5. Industry Events

Knowing what industry events are on is important as to keep abreast of health and safety information that is relevant to the business operations and activities. A lack of knowledge does not constitute as a defense in a court of law! Our commitment is to keep you informed of various events, conference and seminars that may be of interest to you and your employees.

6. OHS Store

OHS Documentation is crucial to the development of a business OHS Management system. The Safety for Life OHS Store has a range of OHS Policies, OHS Management Procedures, OHS Risk Procedures, OHS Templates and Forms and OHS Registers. The shopping process has been made easy and each document has a description so that customers can see if the document meets their requirements prior to purchase. Customers can set up their Account and come back at anytime by simply logging back in.

7. Blog

The Safety for Life Blog will inform our readers about what is happening in industry, examples of sound management practices for minimising risk, success stories from our customers with their safety management and training programs and other relevant research going on in the safety world.

Safety for Life has certainly worked tirelessly to develop high-end quality products and services to a range of industries. This commitment is reflected in the cliental base they have established and maintain. Looks like the sky is the limit for Safety for Life!

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