Six Years on and Sherm is going strong!

By: Caroline Kingston | Feb 10,2018 22:48

Another milestone for Safety for Life as Sherm Software has been in the market for six years today!

Making the decision to develop a Safety software program for the Australian market was the best idea I think I’ve ever had! The idea came after my fathers death in 2010. I was sitting home alone on a Friday night drinking red wine.
I knew what I was going to do and I needed someone to make it happen. Boom.. here we go and no turning back.

Safety for Life found Rishabh Software who have been the preferred supplier for my software development since day one. I have Nerdster as our hosting provider. They are amazing! Having a great team around me to support my dream has been the key to success.

Now my amazing clients. Thank you! Your continual feedback has helped make Sherm what she is today. A damn good bloody robust software app. Thank you to my sister Kate who suggested a mobile app. Winner!!!

I just feel so fortunate in many ways and I know all the additional hours have been worth it.

Happy 6th Anniversary to Sherm! Yes I will be drinking champagne today. I know it’s well deserved.

Caroline Kingston
One Happy Lady

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