By: Caroline Kingston | 2015-02-11

Within the People Module of Sherm is the information related to the employees within your business.

This module links to other databases within the software application and we have provided a spreadsheet to assist with the integration of employees details.  Th

By: Caroline Kingston | 2015-02-11

Once we have defined your subscription requirements, the Software Agreement is signed and payment has been received, your subscription service is activated.

We will then work with you to configure your site and upload your data.  The vital factor in terms of h

By: Caroline Kingston | 2015-02-11

Technical support is inbuilt within the application.

There are firstly Help buttons that provide the user with guidance about the page they are in.

Secondly, should an error occur you can send us the details through our inbuilt Tech Support.


By: Caroline Kingston | 2015-02-11

When you commence your subscription with Sherm you are provided with initial training during the setup and configuration.

Once the initial training is completed and your system is ready for use, you have access to training as and when required.


By: Caroline Kingston | 2015-02-11

When you choose to become a client of Sherm Software and subscribe, the easiest way to get your subscription under way is to Contact Us!

We need to establish your subscription requirements

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