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Our knowledgeable staff at Safety for Life is focused on work health and safety and is eager to make WHS management convenient for you and your employees. The software system we developed to help keep your risk management and compliance tasks easy is called Sherm. Sherm is an acronym for safety, health, employee, risk management and was created by an Australian to be used by Australian companies to help companies meet their legal requirements and meet ISO standards.

Sherm: WHS Management System Software

Sherm is a cost-effective software solution that supports your risk management program, aids in meeting the performance criteria of ISO standards, and provides point of time reporting statistics in an easy to use format. We not only provide the WHS management software but we also offer customer support and services with no on-going maintenance costs.

Sherm is cloud-based software which means you can have a multi-site deployment of the program. You are no longer tied down to a computer because you can retrieve your information anytime you have access to the web. We have even developed a mobile app to access Sherm on your phone or tablet.

WHS Management Software Is a Cost-Effective Solution

WHS Management is financially important because it helps ensure your employees stay safe and in good health so they can continue to be productive. It also decreases the company’s chances of being involved in expensive litigation when an incident occurs because it proves that you have a plan to manage risk and for continuous improvement. It’s more cost effective to invest in a WHS management system than to buy an insurance policy, which may not cover your legal costs should a significant event occur and you’re up for prosecution!

If you don’t have a plan in place, we can develop a WHS management system for your company by assessing your workplace activities and risks involved. Workplace safety should be integrated in all facets of the business operations and activities. Through the provision of empowering workers you can improve the reporting culture and ongoing training to make workers more risk aware is all considered when we designed Sherm.

If you have an existing WHS Management Sytem, we can perform an audit to evaluate the comprehensiveness of the system, and we can help identify areas for improvement to ensure you have a robust system protecting company directors and your employees. Auditing usually makes managers nervous, but our team will put your mind at ease because we are there to help you enhance the overall effectiveness of your WHS Management System, risk and compliance. We aren’t there to “catch you” doing something wrong. It’s better for us to find and fix the holes in your program than to have the WorkSafe Regulator or legal investigators find your weaknesses.

We make the integration of Sherm into your business smooth with our customer support. We also make it economical because there are no significant upfront licensing fees. There is also no need to purchase server hardware and operating systems and there are no upgrades required to your existing network infrastructure. Your costs are based on a subscription customised for your company’s specific needs, so you aren’t paying for services you don’t use. We continually provide updates, improvements, training, and support dictated by your requirements.

If you want to implement a WHS management system or convert your existing system to our Sherm software contact Safety for Life. We can discuss your risk management needs and demonstrate how Sherm can benefit your company.