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Safety for Life is passionate about helping your company keep its employees safe and healthy through risk management and regulatory compliance. We will assess your safety management program and advise you about improvements. Sherm is an online health and safety management system that we developed to help you oversee occupational health and safety, risk and compliance.

The Importance of Implementing a Health and Safety Management System

When developing a safety management system, we assess how your employees work and predict what types of accidents or work-related injuries could potentially occur. The next step is to create a set of protocols that reduce the chances of those accidents and injuries from happening.

An obvious importance of a safety management program is to keep your employees healthy and injury-free for their own well-being. Your employees’ well-being translates to higher efficiency for your business, so it’s vital to your bottom line as well.

If a company fails to implement a safety management system or it isn’t complete and contains gaps, you potentially expose your company and the company directors to expensive legal proceedings in the event an accident or injury occurs. In the case of an accident, a Safety Inspector will be assigned to examine the circumstances of the incident. If the accident was deemed to be foreseeable and no plan was in place to prevent it, your business could be liable for damages. Having a comprehensive health and safety management system is a moral and legal obligation and a more cost-effective solution. It’s a duty to discharge rather than just keeping your fingers crossed and hoping that nothing ever happens.

Sometimes it’s hard to predict an incident, and people get hurt. It’s imperative that you revisit your program and make adjustments. Safety for Life can evaluate existing safety management system and the performance within the organisation and modify your management system to limit the chances of incidents occurring.

We can assess the robustness of your safety management program by conducting an audit, during which we examine your existing program and the work activities of your company. Auditors evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your procedures and advise on the improvements that can be made. You can read more about how we conduct an audit and the different types of audits available to get an idea of what is appropriate for your company.

Online Health and Safety Management System

Staying compliant and keeping workers safe can seem like a daunting task because years ago it meant shelves full of binders and it felt like too much information. We remember because we’ve been in the business of health and safety for over two decades which is why we developed Sherm.

Sherm stands for safety, health, employee, risk management and it is an online health and safety management system. It’s easy to use and keeps all the reporting capabilities and online health and safety program at your fingertips. It even comes with a free mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. Contact Safety for Life if you would like more information about Sherm. We can schedule a demonstration, discuss your safety management program and schedule an audit if needed.