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OHS Training is an essential part of an your OHS Management System and demonstrating due diligence. Imagine being able to reduce your cost of training by having on-line training courses! Now you can create your own training programs, upload them into Sherm and schedule your workers and contractors to complete training as and when required by your company training plan. Not only can you deliver on-line training but you also have the ability to design your own competency assessments. The trainee is provided with their results immediately after completion of the training.

Sherm also enables you to schedule off-line training whether it is internal or external training. All results of training and competencies are stored in the Training Register and you can run reports that provide up to date information on Training Needs.


  • Save time and money on training by having people complete their induction prior to coming on site.
  • Use Online Learning via the web enables flexible learning for trainees.
  • Training is a part of the Sherm software package and you are not charged anymore for this module.
  • Training module is scalable and affordable compared to other training alternatives.

Key Features:

  • Customise the training programs to suit your company needs.
  • Safety for Life can develop your training programs and post to your System Administrator
  • Develop Competency Assessment Tests (CAT) for all your training programs
  • Trainees have more that one opportunity to sit for CAT.
  • You set the Pass/Fail mark and results are automatically recorded.
  • You can track results and reports of training.

Our OHS training services will help you and your workers understand and comply with work health and safety. We can develop and deliver health and safety specific training programs as per your requirements. These can be developed an uploaded into Sherm, so you own them and can use them as and when required.

Call us or email your enquiry about your training needs or if you would like a demonstration for Sherm arrange for workplace training today. See Sherm Software for more information.

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