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All businesses have a pressing responsibility to comply with the WHS legislation and standards set forth by relevant regulators. No matter your industry, you must ensure that your facilities and practices are safe and well-maintained so that your operations can take place effectively and your employees can come to work with complete confidence in their safety at all times. However, compliance is not something that you can achieve with the push of a single button. It requires you to pay close attention to numerous areas of your facility, which can create an immense amount of work on your part. If your facility is particularly complicated, there is also a risk that you may not be able to monitor all areas effectively without help.

The Main Use of Compliance Management Software

Compliance software can help businesses and other organisations remain in compliance with the OHS legislation by providing a hub from which to manage the various aspects of your workplace that must be monitored. Instead of dealing with an unruly amount of paperwork and manual labour whenever you want to verify the compliance of your facility, consider upgrading to an online compliance management system that will allow you to access all relevant details quickly and easily. Doing so will allow you to see all the information you need in one user-friendly location so that you can make decisions from a centralised position and increase your efficiency as a manager, administrator, or owner.

Three Main Reasons to Choose an Online Compliance Management System

There are numerous advantages to switching over to compliance management software instead of a “paper-and-elbow-grease” system. Below are just a few of the ways that software can improve efficiencies and provide higher levels of effectiveness in the management of your OHS program:

  • Have access to online data and documentation that is current
  • Reduce waste through excessive printing and reduce your impact on the environment
  • Reduce time looking for filed paperwork as records are retained within the system
  • Easy access to current system procedures and work instructions
  • Point of time reporting and notification of incidents
  • Reminders advising of corrective actions that are required to be completed
  • Effectively manage risk and monitor controls implemented.
  • Peace of mind that records are retained and stored securely

Safety for Life can provide state of the art compliance software for organisations involved in virtually any industry. The head of our company has been a member of the Safety Institute of Australia since 1998, and we dedicate ourselves to helping our clients reduce risk across multiple vectors in their facilities. Sherm, our online compliance management system can condense the vital information for each area and piece of equipment in your facility so that you can track it from a single access point and receive alerts whenever a part of it requires attention. To learn more about all we can offer you, contact us at your first available opportunity and speak with a member of our team who can tell you more about Sherm and our services.